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“Essential amino acids for muscles”

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Premium fermented BCAA
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Multifunctional BCAA
Muscle maintenance & performance
L-leucine (37.5%), L-isoleucine (18.8%), L-valine (18.8%), L-alanine, vegan capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), release agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids), pantothenic acid, vitamin B6


Dietary supplements

Nutrition Facts
Vitamins per portion NRV2
Vitamin B6 0.86 mg 60%
Pantothenic acid 3.6 mg 60%
Special ingredients per portion
BCAA1 2400 mg
of which L-leucine 1200 mg
of which L-isoleucine 600 mg
of which L-valine 600 mg
BCAA = Branched Chain Amino Acids
As a percentage of the reference values for daily intake (= nutrient reference values).
Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of children.

May contain traces of: Gluten, eggprotein, milk (incl. lactose).

Dosage & Preparation

Take 4 capsules before training with plenty of liquid. Take 4 capsules a day if you exercise more than 3 times a week.

Our BCAA tip

For a power boost before an intense workout: Combine our BCAAs with creatine.

Recommended times
  • Morning
  • Evening
  • Before training
Average customer review


It’s a good solution instead of the powdered ones! More practical for sure


I take them before workout and have more power. But important to take them 30 minutes before workout. woulgd be nice if the effect would come a bit earlier.


good product. the capsules are pretty big but it´s ok

fits perfect

before my gym session i take 4 capsules and feel so powerful, it´s amazing. i don´t feel like having sore muscles very often, i guess this is also because of taking the BCAA. nice

better & stronger

since I´m using BCAA I feel stronger than before. I´m doing Crossfit and when I take the capsules before the WOD it´s just perfect. Love it


Ideal to take before the workout. I feel like I have more power and endurance.

More power

I take the capsules before training and I´m totally pleased. I can workout with much more power.


long-lasting power for when I go for a run - will definitely order them again next time

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General information about BCAA capsules

The BCAAs include the three amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. They are essential amino acids and have to be obtained from food as the human body does not produce them.

BCAA capsules are useful for weight training and endurance sports and should be used for long workouts as part of a muscle building or muscle maintenance  regime. This makes them THE all-rounder in the wold of dietary supplements.

What makes BCAA capsules so special? The greatest benefit of BCAAs is that they are metabolised directly in the muscle cells without a detour via the liver. They can therefore supply energy faster. This is important because muscles consist of around 35% BCAAs and these are particularly useful for preventing catabolic processes, which break down muscle mass.

In order for BCAAs to be effective, they should be taken at a ratio of 2:1:1, i.e. twice as much leucine as isoleucine and valine per portion. That is because the body requires different amounts of the three amino acids. On a daily basis, the body needs twice as much leucine as it does isoleucine and valine. However, this basic requirement increases significantly with physical activity.

High-quality BCAA capsules are produced using fermented raw materials of plant origin like corn or sugar cane. Cheap products often contain amino acids extracted from human hair or duck feathers. Their bioavailability is significantly less in these supplements, as the body is not supplied with as many “true” BCAAs.

BCAAs by foodspring - benefits at a glance

  • Premium BCAAs made from fermented corn
  • Optimised 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine and valine
  • 100% vegan & lactose-free

BCAA capsules are ideal for muscle definition

One area of application where BCAAs are important is muscle definition. A low-calorie regime is very stressful for muscle tissue. BCAAs can help supply the muscles with essential amino acids and prevent muscle loss.

If you want to burn fat, you should do your workout on an empty stomach. With the glycogen stores almost empty, the body draws on its own fat reserves for energy, even after short workouts.

Taking BCAA capsules before training prevents the body from synthesising its stored muscle protein for energy.

BCAAs therefore help maintaining muscle mass during muscle definition phases.

BCAA capsules are ideal for muscle building

BCAAs are essential to muscle-building processes. The amino acid leucine in particular, which is included in large parts in our BCAA capsules, plays a key role in protein biosynthesis.

Taking BCAA capsules directly after training provides the body with these essential amino acids in high doses (especially leucine).

Our body is then made aware that there are enough protein elements available for muscle building and that it should start profiting from them. This accelerates protein biosynthesis, which is responsible for the continuous generation and breaking down of protein elements.

The effects of BCAAs

The amount of free BCAAs in the blood drops during physical activity, because readily available amino acids are burnt first. The body then draws on its own stored resources. Once these are exhausted, the body starts breaking down the existing muscle tissue.

When this happens, we speak of so-called catabolic processes. That's why, depending on your physical goals, it is a good idea to supply your body with sufficient BCAAs to interrupt this process and have a sufficient supply of essential amino acids readily available. BCAA capsules therefore have an anti-catabolic effect, meaning they prevent the breakdown of muscle mass.

Who should use BCAA capsules?

BCAAs are true all-rounders and are suitable for weight lifters, endurance athletes and team sports athletes. For endurance training in particular, the anti-catabolic effect of BCAAs is very useful. Endurance training involves physical exertion over a period of several hours. The majority of the energy is drawn from the muscles' glycogen stores.

Once these are used up, endurance athletes run the risk of having valuable muscle protein converted into energy during long workouts. That can lead to premature fatigue or muscle cramps.

Taking BCAA capsules before long endurance exercises can deliberately delay this process. This means endurance athletes can benefit from longer training cycles before reaching their physical limitations.

The correct intake of BCAA capsules

BCAA capsules should be taken on an empty stomach about 30 minutes before training. When taking BCAA capsules on non-training days, take them in the morning to ensure your body is directly supplied with essential amino acids.

A lot of protein shakes like our Whey Protein, Bio Protein and Vegan Protein contain BCAAs and contribute to the daily intake. BCAAs are also found in food. A high-protein diet will supply some of the BCAAs your body needs. BCAA-rich foods include peanuts, tuna and salmon, meat and quark.

Possible side effects of BCAA capsules

There is basically no risk of side effects when taking BCAA capsules if you follow the manufacturer's dosage recommendation. Generally speaking, BCAA capsules are very well tolerated so that even athletes with frequent stomach problems can take them.

Overdosing on BCAAs is virtually impossible. If an overdose occurs, the excess is simply excreted in the urine.

Buying BCAA capsules online – what you need to look out for

When buying BCAAs  you should make sure that the ratio of the three essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine is correct. Lots of providers sell BCAA in the ratios of 4:1:1 or 8:1:1, i.e. with an increased leucine content. They use these ratios as they claim to have a stronger effect on muscle performance. However, the optimised ratio is and always will be 2:1:1. This ratio is exactly the same as the amino acid sequence in the body.

As well as the ratio, you should also take the use and production of the raw materials into account when buying BCAA capsules. Amino acids are often extracted from raw materials like duck feathers and human hair.

High-quality variations are produced by fermenting corn or sugar cane molasses to obtain the amino acids. Generally speaking, these have a significantly higher bioavailability and provide the body with more "real" essential amino acids.

foodspring uses only raw materials of the highest quality for its BCAA capsules. All BCAAs are made from untreated corn.

You can buy high-quality BCAA capsules made in Germany right here at our online shop.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you use plant-based raw materials in your BCAAs?

We believe that quality is directly related to natural components. So we only use plant-based ingredients to produce both the contents and exterior shell of our capsules. This means you get 100% vegan quality.

Do you ever use human hair or duck feathers?

We strongly oppose inferior extraction methods that involve human hair or duck feathers. While this process might be cheaper, it is unacceptable for our high quality standards.

Why do foodspring BCAAs use a ratio of 2:1:1?

Following the principle of "more is more," many BCAAs available on the market use a ratio of 4:1:1 or even 8:1:1. This concept does not always work. For BCAAs to have the best possible effect, the ratio of components is crucial. On a daily basis, the body needs twice as much leucine as it does isoleucine and valine. The body can only get the most out of the individual components during and after training if they are provided in the right amounts. Studies show that the amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine provide the body with the greatest benefits when combined in a 2:1:1 ratio.

Should casual athletes also use BCAAs?

Anyone who is physically active can benefit from BCAAs, regardless of the sport they practice. Whether you train regularly or go to the gym twice a week, as soon as you ask your body to perform, it needs energy. This energy is mostly expended through muscular activity. Essential amino acids prevent muscle loss and can delay fatigue caused by exertion. No matter how hard you push your body, no matter what your goal – muscle maintenance and muscle building are important part of any sporting activity.

Do BCAAs help lose weight?

BCAAs can play an important role in a low-calorie diet. Losing weight requires a negative calorie intake. But as soon as you achieve a calorie deficit you run the risk of your body breaking down muscle tissue rather than fat. When you take BCAAs, they immediately provide your body with the amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, without them having to be metabolised in the liver first. They supply energy directly and prevent the body from tapping into muscle proteins. So when you are trying to trim fat, BCAAs help you maintain a maximum amount of muscle tissue.

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